Onsite Leasing Agents mean that Brokers can easily schedule building tours. Additionally, because Cameron Management has leasing at each location,  the leasing agent is more knowledgeable about the building in general and can get questions answered quickly from a property manager, Cameron engineer or the owner for a fast turnaround of information.

We are very responsive to the brokerage community – answer telephone calls/emails timely.

Brokers enjoy doing business with Cameron Management for the following reasons:

  1. Cameron Management has an excellent reputation and is known for owning, managing and leasing office buildings with a high degree of professionalism and doing business with integrity and fairness.
  2. Cameron Management responds to brokers quickly with accurate information that they know they can rely on in presenting this information to their clients.
  3. Cameron Management is known for “doing what we say we will do”. The brokers know that their clients will be treated well throughout their lease term.
  4. Cameron Management pays commissions quickly with no hassle.