Welcome to Esperson! Cameron Management has prepared this manual to make your tenancy with us more comfortable and enjoyable. We encourage you to take the time to familiarize yourself with this Manual. From time to time, the information in this Manual may become outdated and thereby subject to change.

At Cameron Management, we pride ourselves on quality, service and responsive attention to our buildings and tenants. We encourage you to work with us in upholding our service goals by sharing your concerns with us and offering suggestions on ways that we can continue to improve your office and surrounding environment. This Manual was designed for your use and convenience; therefore, if some topics of concern or interest are not appropriately covered, please let us know as we will endeavor to address any such concerns and interests.

Management Office

The Management Office at Esperson is located in Suite 102 of the Niels Esperson Building (808 Travis) and is open to serve our tenants from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays (as outlined below).

The telephone and facsimile numbers for the Management Office are:

PHONE:  (713) 224-1663
FAX:  (713) 224-0510

The above numbers may be used during normal business hours as well as after hours, weekends, and holidays.

The correct mailing address for the Management Office is:

Cameron Management
808 Travis, Suite 102
Houston, Texas 77002


Jano Nixon Kelley
Director of Marketing, Esperson
(713) 224-1663

Kathy Gonzalez
Property Manager, Esperson
(713) 224-1663

Holiday Schedule

The following Building Holiday Schedule will be observed by the Management at Esperson. The building will be closed, with access via card key only. Except where noted, the Management Office will be closed with no Management, Engineers or Day Porters on duty. During all holidays, security will remain attended should you require assistance and an engineer will be on call.


The building will be closed and the air conditioning/heating turned off on the following:

New Year’s Day (observed)

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Christmas Day

Overtime air/heat requests must be submitted before 3:00pm on the day prior to building holiday.

Miscellaneous Information


All tenant mail is delivered and picked up by U.S. Postal Service carriers daily, Monday through Friday.  There are mail drop/pick up boxes for Federal Express, Lone Star Overnight, and UPS in the mailroom located on the first floor of the Building.



Prior to moving in, each tenant, at its own expense, should contact a local telephone company or vendor for installation of their system.  Costs for special work, such as special conduit, electrical outlets, floor monuments, etc. are the responsibility of the tenant.  Any additional telephone or electrical work, subsequent to move-in, will be performed at tenant’s expense.  Please submit a work order request for any additional work.  The Management at Esperson will arrange to have any necessary conduit installed for telephone work, but it is the telephone vendor’s responsibility to secure a “Low Voltage” permit to install the system and to make all arrangements with the telephone company.



The building is equipped with fiber optics and high speed internet and is available to all tenants of the building.  Please refer to Building Utility Providers List.



Please ensure that a copy of your Certificate of Insurance is forwarded to the Management Office, in accordance with your Lease.



All construction service or repair work, as well as the contractors performing such work, must be approved in writing by the Management at Esperson.  The administrative fee, as stated under each tenant lease, will be charged to Tenant.



Because of our concern with rising energy costs, which are passed through to tenants as operating expenses, and our desire to conserve energy, we request your cooperation in helping to conserve energy.  Please turn off all unnecessary electrical items, including your office lighting, and computer equipment at the end of each day.  The janitorial service at Esperson has also been instructed to observe this procedure with respect to office lighting.

The heating and air-conditioning equipment is computer controlled for a comfortable setting.  If employees are too warm or cold, please file a work order request immediately and we will regulate the controls.



For after hours emergencies, please contact Building Security at (713) 224-1663, and Security will contact the appropriate Management Personnel.



There are fourteen passenger elevators, one freight elevator, and two garage elevators. Each elevator has an emergency call button in case of an emergency. If the elevator stops and the doors do not open, remain calm. Press the “Emergency Call” button, which will automatically ring into the monitoring company who will then contact building security and dispatch an elevator maintenance technician.

Please report any elevator malfunction (i.e., doors not closing properly, elevator cab not leveling with floor, call button light on) via work order request.



Esperson garage is managed by Platinum Parking. Contract parking can be obtained by contacting the Garage Manager, Jacquelyn Contreras, at 713-227-6925 or



Please submit a work order request to report any problems with insects or bugs.  Our service will be contacted immediately to service your suite.  All chemicals used are low toxic and have been tested and approved for use in hospitals.  If any employee suffers extreme sensitivity to any chemical, please submit a work order request immediately. That way we may address the situation with our service provider and adjustments to the treatment procedures may be able to accommodate those individuals.



On August 28, 2002, The City of Houston amended Article IX Smoking Ordinance that became effective November 26, 2002.  Under the Ordinance, smoking is prohibited in all tenant spaces, and is only permitted outside the building, provided that smokers remain at least 25 feet away from any building entrance.

Cameron Management has created a covered smoking area off the street for our tenants. It is located atop the garage and may be accessed using the Mellie Esperson elevators (815 Walker) to the 6th floor, then exit out the door to the garage to the designated smoking area.

Tenant Contacts

One of the primary objectives for the Management at Esperson is to provide our tenants with consistent, high-quality, services and a comfortable working environment. Providing timely service to all tenants requires that we establish a well-organized system of communication. This communication can best be accomplished through the use of the Tenant Contact System.

Each tenant is requested to designate an individual to be their Tenant Contact. Full floor tenants may designate two individuals to be their Tenant Contacts. Multi-floor tenants are requested to designate one person per company/firm.

All requests for services and complaints by individual tenant employees should be made directly to their Tenant Contact. The Tenant Contact will then pass these requests on to the Management Office. This method of communication will eliminate duplicate and conflicting calls to the Management Office and will allow us to deal with your requests in the most efficient manner possible.

We request that each tenant provide all of its employees with their Tenant Contact’s name and telephone number along with instructions to make all requests through the Tenant Contact.

Please list the name and telephone number of the Tenant Contact(s) on Page 1 of the New Tenant Information form, a copy of which can be found in the Forms Section of this Manual. Please deliver or fax ((713) 224-0510) this completed form to the Management Office.

Emergency Tenant Contacts

All tenants will be asked to designate individuals to be contacted in the event of an after-hours emergency. Ideally, these Tenant Contacts will be officers or administrators who are capable of making decisions in emergency situations.

Prior to move-in the Management at Esperson will solicit the names of Emergency Tenant Contacts along with their business and after-hours telephone numbers. This list will be updated periodically. Tenants are asked to notify the Management Office when an Emergency Tenant Contact leaves the company and also to promptly designate a replacement.

Please list the name and telephone number of the Emergency Tenant Contact(s) on Page 1 of the New Tenant Information form, a copy of which can be found in the Forms Section of this Manual. Please deliver or fax ((713) 224-0510) this completed form to the Management Office.

Building Maintenance

Esperson has five Engineers and three Day Porters on duty during normal weekday building hours. They are there to maintain the building and service your needs. Tenant Contacts should file work order requests in Angus system for all building maintenance items, abnormal room temperatures, or cleaning problems.

When reporting maintenance items to the Angus system, please provide the following information:

  1. Give the exact location.
  2. Provide a contact person, if necessary.
  3. Clearly identify the problem.

An Engineer or Day Porter will be dispatched to correct the problem.

Maintenance requests that are above the building standard services will require a written request to the Management Office. Small items, such as replacing incandescent bulbs, may be handled through the work order system.

If it is determined that your company will consume electrical or water services above the building standard, as outlined in your Lease, that portion considered above standard will be metered or an electrical formula will be used to calculate the consumption costs. Charges for the above standard services are generated on a monthly basis.

You will be requested to sign a Tenant Work Order Request form for all items above the building standard services.

Janitorial Services

Quality janitorial service is a very important aspect of the Esperson operation. Standard housekeeping services, provided for tenants at Esperson, entail services five (5) days per week that include: dusting, emptying of wastebaskets, vacuuming of carpets, sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors, and cleaning and restocking of restrooms. Tenant requests for services above our standard janitorial services should be made by filing a work order with the Management Office.

The Management at Esperson will make periodic inspections of tenant areas to monitor the quality of janitorial service, and we will be meeting regularly with the cleaning supervisors to assess performance and areas where improvement may be needed. We request that Tenant Contacts notify the Management Office via a work order request immediately with any comments or concerns regarding cleaning. Communication of this type will assist us in providing the cleanest building possible for our tenants.

Rental Remittance

Payment of rent may be hand delivered or mailed to the following address:

CCM-Cameron Esperson Owner, L.P.
808 Travis, Suite 102
Houston, Texas 77002

or via wire transfer or ACH to:

Bank Name: Amegy Bank of Texas
SWIFT Code (international wires only): ZFNBUS55
ABA: #113011258
Account #: 5796325727
Account Name: CCM-Cameron Esperson Owner, L.P.

All rental payments are due on the first day of each month. As a courtesy, Cameron Management provides tenants with a monthly rental statement before the first day of each month. Please remember that the rental statement is a courtesy and should not be depended upon in order to make your rental payment. In the event you do not receive a rental statement, please refer to your lease for the monthly rental amount due and mail your check on or before the first of each month. Payments must be received at the above address by the fifth day of each month or as specified in your lease in order to avoid a late fee.

Building Sundry Services

In addition to standard building services provided at Esperson, the following above-standard services will be supplied at a nominal charge to the tenant. These charges may be adjusted periodically with proper notice given to tenant. Requests for these services should be submitted to the Management Office via a work order, and are subject to the then prevailing charge for such service as established by the Management at Esperson, which may include the administrative fee allowable under your lease. The following is a list of services currently offered on an above-standard basis:

1. After Hours Air-Conditioning

Normal building hours for air-conditioning are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturday. Requests for overtime air-conditioning should be submitted to the Management Office via work order twenty-four (24) hours prior to the desired overtime period. If overtime air-conditioning is needed during the weekend, requests should be submitted no later than noon on the immediately preceding Friday. If overtime air-conditioning is needed on a holiday, requests should be submitted no later than noon on the last normal business day immediately preceding the holiday. There is a charge for overtime air-conditioning.

2. Lock and Key Maintenance

a. Re-key
b. Additional keys
c. Exchanging cylinders, passage sets, or lock sets

* Cost for above work will be provided upon request

3. Additional Maid or Janitorial Service

*Cost for special cleaning will be provided upon request

4. Additional Datawatch Systems access cards – A charge of $10.00 per card is required to replace lost or damaged access cards.


A tenant’s logo and other forms of location identification are important to both the tenant and the building. Corridor identification is important for everyone. For these reasons, the Management at Esperson requests that all requirements for graphics be made in writing and submitted directly to the Management Office prior to tenant’s occupancy. In many cases, a tenant’s architect or space planner will submit the specifications for the graphics package to the tenant. The tenant will, in turn, submit the graphics package to the Management Office for approval. Such approvals will be made in a timely manner and will be made in writing or by signing the approved graphics plans and specifications.

For the protection of all tenants, no signs, posters, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed on any of the windows, doors or any other part of the buildings at Esperson. Your cooperation in this area will ensure that Esperson is maintained as a first class office building.

Lobby Directory Board:
The Directory boards for Esperson are located in the main lobbies, near the security guard station. The addition of a new tenant and subsequent changes should be made via work order request.

Corridor Signage:
One (1) building standard corridor sign is provided for each tenant. An example of the corridor sign is available for viewing in the Management Office. Delivery for these signs takes between four (4) and six (6) weeks.


As one of the most cherished buildings in Texas, this landmark property is a thriving office workplace. With dedicated local ownership and a responsive on-site property management team, “modern day” Esperson boasts state-of-the-art systems including the following amenities and services:


Amegy Bank ATM located on the street level.
Amegy Bank ATM located on the tunnel level.

Tunnel Access

The building is connected to the tunnel system via escalator and elevator.


China Ocean & Hibachi Grill – (713) 229-8480
Cupcake and a Smile – (281) 940-5693
Glamour’s Sundries – (832) 582-5553
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic – (713) 442-9345
Mediterranean Grill House – (713) 652-0058
Midtown Dentistry – (713) 322-1000
Pastabilities – (713) 226-7123
Schlotzsky’s Deli – (713) 225-3354
Smoothie King – (713) 227-1889
Village Barbque
Vision Source – (713) 222-2300

Level 1

Amegy – (713) 232-5290
Established Bespoke – (832) 287-1207
RYDE – (832) 703-1876
Sunsetbodyworks Day Spa – (713) 223-5900
Texas State Optical – (713) 322-5004


A variety of hotels are available within a few blocks of Esperson.

The Lancaster Hotel
701 Texas Avenue
(713) 228-9500

JW Marriott Hotel
806 Main
(713) 237-1111

Hyatt Regency Houston
1200 Louisiana Street
(713) 654-1234

The Sam Houston Hotel
1117 Prairie Houston
(832) 200-8800

A variety of restaurants are available within a few blocks of Esperson.

Main Kitchen
806 Main
(713) 400-1293

Bistro Lancaster
701 Texas Avenue
(713) 228-9500

Morton’s The Steakhouse
1001 McKinney
(713) 659-3700

800 Bagby Street
(713) 278-4782

909 Texas Avenue
(713) 224-5299

700 Milam Street
(713) 224-2422