Esperson has 24/7 building security. Cameron Management, as a member of the Downtown District, has access to the Community Services Office of the Houston Police. The Community Services Office can answer general questions about police actions. Tenants should use “911” to report fire or medical emergencies and other events.

Any employee of tenants at Esperson who witnesses a “crime” in progress should obtain as much information as possible (i.e., detailed description of individual(s) involved, vehicle identification, etc.) and call the Management Office at (713) 224-1663 to report the incident.

Building Access Control Systems


Below is information regarding the use of the Security Access Card System at Esperson.  If there are any questions regarding the system, please file a work order request.



Normal business hours for Esperson are 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.  During these hours, the security system keeps all exterior doors unlocked.  The building will be locked on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays to remain secure.



After normal business hours, the security system will automatically lock all doors to the building and access into Esperson can only be made by authorized personnel with valid security access cards.  The Walker Street entrance is equipped with card readers and a phone which enables tenants/visitors to speak with security.  To open the doors, you must present your card over a swipe card reader.  Once the card is accepted, the doors will unlock for ten (10) seconds.



All requests for security access cards must be made via Work Order. A $10.00 per card fee will be assessed for lost or damaged cards.



All tenants must provide a list of employees who are authorized to access the office building after hours.   A copy of the list is given to building security.  Employees who forget their card keys will not be let onto their floor if their names do not appear on the list.   It is Tenant’s responsibility to provide Management with an updated list immediately after a change in personnel has occurred.

Security Notice

It is the desire of the Management at Esperson to maintain reasonable security of the building, the occupants, and their possessions.  Because of the public nature of the building, a large number of people are continually entering the property, and there is always the possibility of petty thievery and other incidents.

While Allied Universal Security personnel at Esperson are constantly on guard to protect your property, your observance of the following suggestions will be most helpful and mutually beneficial:

  1. Notify the Management Office when loiterers are observed in corridors or restrooms.  Also, report peddlers and canvassers.  To report any solicitors call the Allied Universal Security Guard at (713) 224-1663 ext. 235 or the Management Office at (713) 224-1663.  Allied Universal Security personnel will be directed to escort the solicitor off the property.
  2. When there is no one in your office, do not leave the door unlocked, even for a short time.
  3. Handbags, coats, and other articles of value should not be left unguarded in reception areas.
  4. It is unwise to leave valuables or articles of personal property on desks or in unlocked drawers.
  5. Keys should be collected from employees leaving your service.
  6. Make sure that the corridor door is closed and locked when leaving your office.
  7. Corridor doors must be kept closed at all times to conform to Fire Codes.
  8. Please instruct your employees not to hold open any doors for strangers.

Your cooperation is requested in observing the above suggestions, and we request that you inform new employees in order to maintain privacy and security at Esperson.

We recommend that the above suggestions be copied and distributed to your employees periodically.