Tenant Alterations

As an additional service to you, Cameron Management will assist you with your changing office needs.  Our contacts with local building authorities and contractors can greatly ease the hardship of making changes to your premises.  Any alterations to your premises will remain subject to the terms of your Lease and must comply with the building rules and regulations and contractor specifications as set forth below.


Comments: The Management at Esperson is committed to uncompromising service to its tenants.  Contractors and their subcontractors and employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Contractors should brief all subcontractors and employers who enter Esperson on the following:

  1. Building management must authorize commencement of construction.
  2. Tenant-approved building permit plans must be submitted for approval and/or comment by building management.
  3. Contractor shall submit to the Property Manager a detailed working schedule prior to beginning construction.
  4. Prior to commencement of construction, Contractor must provide the Property Manager with:
    1. Building permit;
    2. Occupational license for County;
    3. Certificate of Competency;
    4. An original Certificate of Insurance issued by the insurance carrier; and
    5. Original Certificates of Insurance issued by the insurance carriers for all sub-contractors.
  5. Upon completion of the job, the Contractor will provide the Property Manager with:
    1. As-built electrical plans/mechanical and plumbing;
    2. Release of liens for all sub-contractors;
    3. A final release of lien from the General Contractor; and
    4. The original building permit plans with the original inspector’s signatures.
  6. Neither the Owner nor Management at Esperson will be responsible for:
    1. Security of materials or work in place;
    2. Air-conditioning work not being properly performed to allow for proper cooling of the Leased Premises;
    3. Warranty repairs;
    4. Window breakage during construction;
    5. Work stoppages due to work interfering with other tenants; and
    6. Delays due to change orders and architect-contractor problems.
  7. The Contractor will confine the construction debris and dust to the construction area, away from completed tenant space or common areas.  All areas of the affected building, especially access areas and common areas, are to be maintained in a clean and orderly fashion.  The Contractor is to turn the improved premises over to the Property Manager in a clean condition, ready for occupancy by the Tenant.  Containment of construction dust is required through use of plastic barriers, if possible.
  8. The Contractor will remove all trash and debris, including excess materials from the construction site and the Esperson project, and no unreasonable accumulation will be allowed.
  9. The Contractor will coordinate the delivery of materials and the use of one of the elevators and removal of debris with the Property Manager.  Temporary floor coverings will be used to protect all permanent flooring.  If hallway carpet is not replaced, then it is to be protected during construction.  Elevator cab protectors are available and will also be used.
  10. The Contractor will supply building standard locks, keyed to the building master key system.
  11. The Contractor will submit all change orders to the Property Manager for approval and the blueprints are to be revised accordingly.
  12. The Contractor will exercise all due diligence in maintaining a safe working environment and to abide by all OSHA regulations.
  13. Upon completion, the Contractor will remove all foreign materials from windows, floors, glass, hardware and restroom fixtures.
  14. The Contractor will not unduly disturb the peaceful enjoyment of any tenants in Esperson.  All drilling through the concrete floor slab is subject to the approval of the Management of Esperson and shall be scheduled twenty-four (24) hours in advance with the Property Manager.  All plumbing installations requiring access to other areas of the building and connections to the building wet column will be coordinated with the Property Manager. Special care is required when electrical work is to be performed so as not to interfere with adjoining Tenants.  Safety data sheets on all products used in construction will be provided to the Property Manager.  The use of varnish or oil based paints will only be allowed after hours.  Only environmental friendly carpet adhesives and wallpaper glue will be allowed.
  15. The Contractor will install construction A/C filters in all return air dampers in the demising walls in order to prevent construction dust from entering the main A/C system. The Contractor will clean air handler equipment for the floor if found to be caused by the construction.
  16. All sub-contractors will park personal vehicles on the outskirts of parking areas or in the Esperson garage at the daily rate, after loading or unloading equipment.
  17. No flammable materials shall be stored in the building.  In the event it is necessary to store flammable materials overnight, Contractor must have specific permission from the Property Manager.
  18. Damage or injury occurring while working must immediately be reported to the Management Office.
  19. The Property Manager reserves the right to have any Contractor who is not performing his or her duties in a workmanlike manner immediately removed from Esperson.
  20. Employees of Contractor must be appropriately attired to include shirt and shoes at all times.  Vulgar language is unacceptable on our properties and anyone using foul language will be asked to leave.  No employees of Contractor will make any complimentary or challenging remarks to any tenant or employee of tenants.  Any potential argumentative issues will be brought up to the Property Manager.
  21. Employees of Contractor shall use only restrooms specifically designated by the Property Manager and will leave the restroom in a clean condition.
  22. Contractor shall turn off lights, except emergency lighting at the end of each day.
  23. Care shall be taken not to damage existing ceiling grid and tiles.  Damage must be replaced or repaired to like new condition.
  24. All existing window treatments shall be removed and protected prior to beginning construction, cleaned and reinstalled upon completion of work, unless otherwise noted.
  25. No smoking is permitted throughout any of the buildings at Esperson.  The designated Smoking Area is located atop the garage, with access via the Mellie elevators to the 6th floor, then exit to the garage.

Insurance Requirements for Construction Trades

Before undertaking any alterations, additions, improvements or construction, as authorized by your Lease, you shall obtain or maintain, at your expense, an occurrence basis public liability insurance policy against any liability which may arise and ensure that any construction trade contractors providing services in connection therewith shall have provided the Property Manager with evidence of the following minimum insurance requirements (which in no way limit the tenant’s or contractor’s liability).

The contractor must provide the Property Manager with evidence of the following minimum insurance requirements.  In no way do these minimum requirements limit the liability assumed elsewhere in this Agreement.

  1. Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability
    1. Statutory requirements in the State of Texas, to include all areas involved in operations covered under the Agreement.
    2. Coverage “B” – Employer’s Liability, limit – $1,000,000.00.
    3. Must include Waiver of Subrogation rights against Cameron Interests Limited Partnership dba Cameron Management; CCM-Cameron Esperson Owner, L.P.
  2. Commercial General Liability
    1. Commercial General Liability:  Form providing coverage not less than that of the occurrence form ISO Standard Commercial General Liability Insurance, including but not limited to bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, independent contractors’ products – completed operations (construction risks only) (including Completed Operations for a period of not less than three (3) years), Broad Form Property Damage explosion, collapse and underground, where applicable, incidental malpractice and host liquor legal liability.  For those contractors selling/manufacturing products, Commercial General Liability coverage should be specifically endorsed to include products liability.
    2. Contractual Liability, blanket basis insuring the liability assumed under this Agreement.
    3. Combined Limits of Liability: $1,000,000.00 each occurrence, $2,000,000.00 aggregate.
  3. Commercial Auto Policy
    1. Commercial Auto Policy form, including all Owned, Non-Owned, and Hired Vehicles.
    2. Limits of Liability: Combined limits of $1,000,000.00 per accident.
  4. Umbrella Liability
    1. Such insurance shall provide coverage with limits of not less than $5,000,000.00 per occurrence, $5,000,000.00 aggregate, in excess of the underlying coverages listed in Paragraphs A, B, and C above.



  1. The amount and types of insurance coverages required herein shall not be construed to be a limitation of the liability on the part of the Contractor or any of its subcontractors.
  2. If requested by the Manager, a certified copy of the actual policy(s) with appropriate endorsement(s) and other documents shall be provided to the Manager.
  3. Manager and Owner shall be included as an Additional Insureds on all Contractors provided coverages listed in Paragraphs B, C, and D.
  4. Contractor shall require the same primary minimum insurance requirements, as listed above, from its subcontractors and suppliers and they shall also comply with the additional requirements listed herein.  The Contractor must obtain a Certificate of Insurance from each subcontractor before they commence any work on behalf of the Manager or at the site.  The Manager reserves the right to request copies of subcontractor certificates from the Contractor when deemed necessary as a result of Agreement compliance audits.
  5. All insurance coverages required as herein set forth shall be primary and at the sole cost and expense of Contractor, subcontractor, or suppliers, and all deductibles, premium payments, self-insureds retention or claims fees shall be assumed by, for the account of, and at the sole risk of said Contractor, subcontractor or supplier.  Lack of compliance with these insurance requirements can result in unilateral termination of this Agreement by Manager or permit Manager to take out and maintain insurance coverages on behalf of the Contractor, who also agrees to furnish all necessary information thereof and to pay the cost thereof to the Manager immediately upon presentation of a bill.  Insurance coverages will be subject to the Manager’s approval of adequacy of protection in a form and carrier acceptable to Manager with a minimum rating of A: VIII or higher.
  6. Except where prohibited by law, all insurance policies shall contain provisions that the insurance companies waive the rights of recovery or subrogation against Manager and Owner, their agents, servants, invitees, employees, co-lessees, co-venturers, affiliated companies, and their insurers.
  7. A Certificate of Insurance evidencing all of the above must be presented to Manager prior to commencement of the Services and sixty (60) days prior to policy renewal.
  8. The cancellation provision of such Certificate of Insurance shall provide as follows:”To be effective as to certificate holder, the issuing companies must provide to the below named certificate holder sixty (60) days’ written notice prior to any cancellation or material modification of the above-described policies before the expiration dates thereof.”